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Early Season Green Cattails


How many times have you been hunting waterfowl in the early season – in green reeds – while wearing brown, late season camouflage?

This camouflage patterns started it all for RealPics Camouflage.  For years we were hunting waterfowl during the early part of the season wearing brown camouflage while hunting in green reeds.  “Why isn’t there green reed camo?” we asked.

Surprisingly, the reeds stay green for the majority of our hunting season.  Many hunters think that there would be only a few weeks where they would need this camouflage.  That is just not the case!  In all honesty, many waterfowl hunters only hunt the first few weeks of the season anyway, then they transition to hunt deer or other game.  The DNR statistics back us up on this.
If each hunter would take an honest look at where and when they hunt waterfowl, or any other game for that matter, this Early Season Green Reed Camouflage could fit their needs perfectly!


  • Truly accurate imitation of the reeds

  • Reeds are true to size

  • Reeds are true to color and composition

  • Truly high resolution/high definition

  • Better than ‘photorealistic’ – ITS AN ACTUAL PHOTO!

  • Camo as REAL as a PICTURE

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