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Late Season Tan Cattails


Does this camouflage pattern actually look like the reeds in the late season?

This Camouflage pattern was created for the hard-core waterfowl hunter.  This may be the first truly accurate camouflage pattern of the late season tan reeds.

Compare this camouflage pattern to those currently available.  Most of the other camouflage patterns are yellow reeds over a brown background.  This brown background may work well in flooded timber, but it really stands out in the late season reeds. We call this the brown BLOB FACTOR.

Don’t be mistaken by the color tones.  This camouflage pattern is not too orange.  The camouflage that you may have been using in the past is just too yellow!
Take a look at the photograph – this camouflage pattern matches the late season reeds perfectly!
If you hunt late season mallards, like we do at RealPics Camouflage, this camo pattern is for you!


  • Truly accurate imitation of the reeds

  • Reeds are true to size

  • Reeds are true to color and composition

  • Truly high resolution/high definition

  • Better than ‘photorealistic’ – ITS AN ACTUAL PHOTO!

  • Camo as REAL as a PICTURE

Hunting Camouflage - Brown Reeds preview
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