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Note: These are prototypes only. Feel free to send us your suggestions for new products and let us know which camo patterns you like best!

Our approach to hunting gear is simple.


At RealPics Camouflage we use the heaviest, most durable fabrics for each application.  ‘Ultra-techie’ fabrics are no good if they are not durable.  NO single fabric can do everything.  There is always a trade-off when using ultra-technical fabrics.  The more water-proof a fabric is – the less breathable it becomes.  The more breathable a fabric is – the less water-proof and durable it becomes.  We have chosen durablility.


  • Heavy, rugged, super durable exterior fabric

  • High-quality, heavy duty large coil zippers

  • Metal, glove-friendly zipper clasps

  • Rugged double stitching


At RealPics Camouflage our approach to hunting gear is durability, comfort, and functionality.

  • Extra large pockets

  • Pockets where you need them, not where you don’t

  • High quality insulation

  • Waterproof

  • Windproof

  • Designed for comfort and ease of movement


Our approach to camouflage gear is to provide an accurately camouflaged, durable, waterproof exterior shell.

  • Thinsulate insulation provides superior warmth while remaining thin

  • Use the gear you already have to layer underneath as you see fit

  • This approach allows RealPics Camouflage to provide you with the most ‘bang for your buck’.

  • Value is paramount


RealPics Camouflage Products

  • Layout Blind Covers

  • Rugged Waterfowl Jacket

  • Super-quiet Soft-Shell Archery Jacket

  • Durable Hunting Bib Overalls

  • Hoodie

  • Baseball cap

  • Neck gaiter

  • DIY Blind Fabric


Made for hunters by hunters

Camo as REAL as a PICTURE

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