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Picked Cornfield Dirt/Snow


Have you ever been hunting waterfowl in a picked cornfield in layout blinds with camouflage that does NOT match the cornfield?

This may be the first cornfield camouflage pattern that provides an accurate depiction of a picked cornfield – including the soil/dirt or snow.

These two camouflage patterns are special to us at RealPics Camouflage.  These patterns were designed specifically for our layout blind covers. By producing only layout blind covers, there is NO need to buy a whole new layout blind – use the one you already have and switch covers as needed.

Using a layout blind cover that actually matches the environment will drastically cut down the time spent brushing up your blind.  No more spending time raking up corn stubble and brush to cover up your blind.  When you use other layout blind camouflage, you have to spend hours brushing them in.  Then they look like big piles of brush.  NOT anymore. 

RealPics Camouflage layout blind covers allow you to quickly and easily blend into the cornfield and start hunting.



  • Truly accurate imitation of a corn field

  • Cornfield stubble is true to size and color

  • Accurate dirt or snow

  • Truly high resolution/high definition

  • Better than ‘photorealistic’ – ITS AN ACTUAL PHOTO!

  • Camo as REAL as a PICTURE 

Hunting Camouflage - Autumn Cornfield preview
Hunting Camouflage - Winter Cornfield preview
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